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A Right Choice: Global Tensile Structure

Tensile Structures structures carry huge demand in metro cities like Bangalore, Indore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata & Ahemdabad. Well-developed infrastructure of these places open doors for these environmental friendly structures. Application areas of Tensile Lightweight Structure, Tensile Membrane Structure are cafes, metro stations, gardens, walkways, hotels and playgrounds. Availability of aforementioned products in 3 dimensions and various designs make them worth-installing. We are a right choice to buy tensile structures and other products because we employ modern techniques in manufacturing.

Services Offered

Reason behind this lies in successful execution of all the beneath mentioned services:

  • Custom design to selective clients
  • General maintenance
  • Permanent structures
  • Pre-engineered design
  • Professional services
  • Quality buildings
  • Rental structures
  • Tent buildings
  • Bettering the retrofit existing fabric structures

We ensure that customers money is rightly invested in our range. To do so, we adopt quality production methods. Also, we ensure services are executed in a perfect manner by us.

Our Quality-best Tensile Structure

Quality base materials are taken into use for designing structures of superior built, strength and finish. Offered tensile structures meet all types of building needs. Multipurpose structures hold the potential to safeguard from extreme weather conditions home, cars, etc.

Advantages to Enjoy

Usage of our offered products that includes Tensile Fabric Structure, Tensile Lightweight Structure, etc., will provide following advantages:

  • Fire protection
  • Stretching and dimensional stability
  • Tearing and tensile strength.
  • Ultraviolet radiation protection

We develop tensile fabric structure, tensile car parking shed, tensile roofing structure, etc., which are cost-saving and easy to install. As per customers requirements, we design range in different sizes, shapes and designs.

Product Profile

Our business entity is renowned worldwide for making superior and longer-serving canopies, awnings, roller window blinds and much more using quality-best PVC, poly carbonated sheets, steel, multi wall sheets, corrugated sheets, compact sheets and fiber glass. 

In various specifications, range is served to customers. We assure to valued patrons that they will not be able to find a company as good and morally focused as ours in the entire capital city of India because we work keeping business ethics on the first place.

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